Monday, November 21, 2011

Well.....that ain't gone happen

Saturday, after I picked up Hailey Bug from a birthday party; she decided to enlighten me on some of the things out of her strange but true book....
Our conversation went something like this....
"Did you know a white ostrich will turn pink if it eats a shrimp???"
I dug down deep....."Nope I did not!"

"Did you know that if you wanted to sneak up on a grasshopper or a praying mantis...well, that ain't gone happen!"

"Why not?"

"Because grasshoppers can look all ways, and praying mantis' can look over their shoulder, and you aren't going to sneak up on ain't gone happen!"

"Did you know that if you want to out swim a swordfish that ain't gone happen either?"

"Why not?"

"Because a sword fish can swim as fast as a cheetah can run!"

"Did you know a shark doesn't have any bones either? They are made out of the stuff in your ear?"

"What stuff?"

"I can't remember the word, I just know it's the same!" (I loved this one!)

This conversation was so much fun for me!!! Hailey loves to read, and it definitely shows when she starts talking animal facts, storm facts, and ghost stories!!! I love her little imagination....It helps me to feel young again!!!


  1. This was a really cute post. I'm new here but on the strength of that conversation I'll be back. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary