Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Oh today is a GLORIOUS DAY!!!!!! 

Ah hem.....did you hear me????? IT'S GLORIOUS!!!!!

So much has happened since my last post!!! So much that I don't even know where to start!!! 

I will start with a Hailey Bug update :) Hailey's finger is doing so much better!  Her cast came off last week and she has gone back to practicing softball.  We practiced in the yard this weekend!  The good thing about the cast is that it came up around her thumb so she couldn't suck it while she had it on, and now she doesn't suck her thumb anymore since the cast is gone!!! Thank You Jesus!!! :) 


Another update:
Last post I asked you guys to vote on which book you wanted me to continue writing, and a lot of you had differing opinions, but I took each and every piece of advice to heart.  Truth of the matter is Annie's Heart was my favorite and after several of you expressed how much you enjoyed it too I sent in my first chapter to a publishing company.  They are interested in my work, and I have 6 months to finish the book......


What's writing a novel on top of building a house, and finishing my Masters???? All while being a wife, step-mother, and full-time employee????? Hmmmmmm.....Maybe I need to rethink that one....

This brings me to my next update.....Cape Cosby is well underway....we are taking the drawings to the bank this week, and we should be able to start building VERY SOON!!!! I AM SO PUMPED!!!!! 

Hailey Bug is pumped too because she is ready for her own room!!! I just need more closets :) 
I can't wait until we have our new home.....Everything is moving exceptionally fast considering where we were this time last year.....and just think with the Good Lord willing how far we will have come at this time next year!!! OH SNAP I CAN BARELY WAIT!!!! 
We will be in the new home, I will be interning to be a teacher, and Phil will be funding all of my crazy shopping trips while I have no income......I know Philly, it's a scary thought :) 

Well I just wanted to update you all on how the Cosby Clan was doing :) Have a marvelous Tuesday....OH AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.......YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN IF YOU DON'T GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!! 


Oh friends, writing this post has gotten me so pumped up.....I feel like I just did drugs or something....NATURAL HIGH!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! :) 


  1. How exciting about having the drawings for the house! The front looks beautiful--I hope you continue to update on the progress!. Horray for exciting news all around :)

    1. Thanks girl!!! It is wonderful!!!! And I am so pumped about it!!!! You know I will post pics of it as we go!!!!