Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How hard can it be???

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So Philly and I have started picking out stuff for the inside of Cape Cosby....never in a million years did I know that deciding on carpet, cabinets, and light fixtures would be the hardest decision I ever made....okay so maybe that is a tad bit over dramatic, but still it's not as easy as you would think. 

Our first trip to the good ole' Home Depot ended in nothing being purchased, neither one of us agreeing on ANYTHING we looked at, and I had a HORRENDOUS headache....and they say this is going to be fun????  YEAH RIGHT!!!! 

I have already been told that if we could make it through building a house without giving up on each other then we could make it through anything....but then I was also told that if we could make it through the first year of our marriage we could make it through anything.....SEEING A TREND????  

All I have to say is that side by side we WILL make it through anything!!! I mean we have already made it through a SNAKE BITE!!!!! How hard could the rest of it be ;)???? 

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We are super close to breaking ground out at the Cosby Combine, and I can't wait....it is going to be amazing....at least until I get so impatient about the house being built....wait....me????  Impatient????? NEVER!!!! This is coming from the girl who started Kindergarten when she was 4 years old, flipped a van when she was just 15 years old, and jumps up and down when Philly Cheese Cake doesn't move as fast as she would like......NAH....I'm not impatient at all.....

I hope you all are having a Tuesday that is as wonderful as mine.....I finished my observation hours at Daniel Pratt today, and bought shoes....and if that isn't enough to make a simple girl smile then I don't know what is.....but here I am saying I'm simple.....Philly would say High Maintenance....Tomato - Tomahto.....

Enjoy My Friends!!!!
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