Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ideas for Cape Cosby...

I have been looking all over for ideas of what I want our new home to look like....sometimes I want comfy, country, homey, and other times I want modern, clean cut, and stylish....Philly wants more of a homey look so I think that is what we are going to go with...he said if it were up to him our house would be full of whites, taupes, and khakis.....BORING!!!!! I want color, but I have already been shot down with some of my ideas....I mean who doesn't want an orange kitchen and a yellow bathroom???? Can we say citrus theme???  Most of the time I am just joking with him about my color choices just to see if I can get a rise out of him...maybe that isn't the way to go about keeping the peace ;)  Anyway....I have put a few ideas on here about what I might want in our new home....let me know if you think Cape Cosby will look FABBO with these ideas or HORRENDOUS!!!!  The excitement is starting to build, the anticipation is heavy on my heart, and the wonderful amazement of what God is doing in our lives is constantly in the front of my normally crazy, hectic, over-excited mind....either way....Cape Cosby is on the way, and the Cosby Clan is blessed beyond BELIEF!!!! 

Orange Kitchen Idea....Just for fun and to aggravate Philly ;) 

Is this too dark? I like the contrast of the light cabinets with the dark walls and darkish counter tops...

Kitchens3 Kitchens for Comfortable Cooking Activities
(Image from

Dining Room Idea....Maybe too formal for the Cosby Clan...Yeah too formal...although I like the color scheme...
Red is so popular in dining rooms.

I do like this pop of color against the white....

dining rooms - built-ins shelves cabinets turquoise blue windsor dining chairs beadboard backing rustic dining table farmhouse kitchen painted backsplash
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Love this black and white bathroom....Philly will not go for this...but....maybe I can twist his arm ;) 

Back to black, Master bathroom, Bathrooms Design
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Laundry might not seem so bad in this beautiful place...NAH it's still laundry :)
laundry room lighting

Well as you can see we still have a lot of decisions to make....It will be fun....Right????? 


  1. LOVE the ideas... I so wish that I had more colors in my house besides the brown and cream colors, but you can put color on the walls with decorations. So excited for you, phil, coleman, tyler & hailey....

  2. I just saw this comment Melissa! Thanks for stopping by!