Thursday, March 29, 2012

The decisions have been made...

Well yesterday I was talking about the differences in what I wanted in Cape Cosby and what Philly wanted in Cape Cosby...Basically the conversations we had been having were going something like this....

Today the decisions were made, and Philly was right if he had made all of the decisions on his own we would have had a tan color schemed house....for those of you that are I did not get my orange or red kitchen, and no I did not get my blue dining room, or my black bathroom...I did however get the carpet, hardwood, cabinets, and doors I wanted....I also got the mirrors, tile, and counter tops I wanted as well....we went with one color for the entire house which will make Cape Cosby a neutral toned home, but with all of the dark toned everything else we picked out, and already have for our home I have a feeling it is going to be a beautiful, homey, country, amazing masterpiece...Our fireplace is going to rock, and since I couldn't have a navy blue dining room, Philly did let me have navy blue shutters ;) 

Cape Cosby is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!! Now if we can agree on ceiling fans, light fixtures, and rugs....let the Home Depot/Lowes experience begin!!! 

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