Monday, April 2, 2012

So much fun packed into one weekend...and a little sadness too....

Please excuse the somewhat lengthy and jam packed post to follow :) 

Well you all know that Philly left for Germany on Friday morning....I was okay until Saturday night and then I had a couple of break downs...once in the shower....once while emailing him...and once after I heard a song on the radio...I know you are all saying sheesh he is only going to be gone for 10 days, but still it's my best soul mate.....and......

Here he is saying bye right before he lost service on his cell phone...

Ain't he just so stinking cute???? He told me it was super hot on the plane which is why he was kinda shiny :) So silly!   

This brings me to what I did for the rest of my weekend besides fall into a state of depression since my honey bunny was gone for a little while...

On Saturday Sweetheat fever officially started!!! Remember last year when we had all kinds of tournaments all the time??? Well they are back!!! The Sweetheaters didn't fare so well at the tournament in Gardendale this weekend as they won their first game and then lost their next two, with the last one being a stomping with a 14 - 0 loss :(  One of mine and Philly's enemies is a parent of one of the girl's on Hailey's team...when I say enemy....she appointed herself as enemy....we could care less whether she likes us or not, and we also could care less what she is doing....ever.....the point of this little statement is I was receiving the dirty looks at the softball field from her which made me LAUGH!!! It also made me glad G-Dawg was there because for those of you that don't know her...SHE IS MEANER THAN ME....she also likes to was quite entertaining :) 

Here's my little pitcher :) 

Hailey was in good spirits when the tournament was over even though they lost because when I walked into the park, I hadn't been there five minutes and she asked if she could spend the night with me :)   

On the way home from Gardendale, Philly called me and I put him on speaker phone so Hailey Bug and 
G-Dawg could talk to him too....the conversation he and Hailey Bug were having was the most precious thing in the whole world, and it made my heart so warm on the inside!!! We talked to him for a good long while before he had to go, and then he was least until he called again at 2:30 was 9:30 am in Germany...I got to talk to him for about 15 minutes, and then he was gone again...insert sadness here :( 

I thought it was going to be a girls only night but Coleman surprised me by coming home from his Mom's early as well!!! We watched Big Mama's House 2 and lounged around in the living room for the rest of the didn't take Hailey Bug long to doze off in the bed with me....we were wore out from a day out in the sun all day at the ball park...

Sunday morning we went to my cousin's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt....Hailey found a ton of eggs filled with candy, and she even found TWO money eggs....She was excited about that....Heck I am excited about $2.50 too!!!  After the egg hunt we went to my cousin Robin's apartment to swim with her and her daughter Ashlynn....after swimming time we got pizza on the way home, and piled up in the "man chair" as Philly calls it and watched the ACM' was a wonderful weekend except for the fact that my husband is in another country and Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year...AGAIN....what are these country fans thinking??? 

Oh don't and Philly celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Monday.....I wonder how many people lost bets on that??!??!?!?! ;) 

Happy Monday Everyone!!! 

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