Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is going to be a super short post...but I thought about it and for all of my loyal readers out there I haven't written in awhile.  I just wanted to let you know what is going on in the Cosby Clan lately...most of you know that we have FINALLY gotten started building what I like to call Cape Cosby (Story for Cape Cosby's Origination at the bottom of this post.)  

Cape Cosby is MY DREAM HOME....or it will be when we get it completed....I have told Philly over and over again how it all seems so surreal because we have been talking about it since the very first day we ever talked....SERIOUSLY!!!  At that time it was just his dream home idea, but over the course of our relationship it became OURS!!! (Insert fluttering eye lashes here.) 

The reason for this post is just to let everyone know that construction has started, and if Philly can deal with my wishy-washy, back and forth, can't make up my mind, please tell me what to do and then let me fuss about it attitude throughout this whole house building process, then we will be in good shape....ANNNNNNNDDDD if he can't then we will be divorced in six months.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I KID I KID J/K LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JOKING!!!!! PROMISE!!!!! Truth of the matter is I have heard from several people that have already built their own homes, and if you can stay married through the construction of your home, then you can stay married through anything!!! I have put a few pictures on here of the progress we have made in just a few short weeks!!! Next Saturday Philly's Grandparent's house will be burned down, which he has said is a bittersweet moment for him...he has a lot of memories of their house and he misses them every day....It kind of hurts my heart too and I didn't even know them....I am wishing I had though he tells great stories of them :) Enjoy the pictures, please share in our excitement, and don't forget to read the origination of Cape Cosby after the photo show at the bottom of this post!!! Love! 

This one is my favorite...I LOVE MY BOYS!!! :) 

The origination of Cape Cosby

When we first started on this house construction adventure we thought we were going to buy a modular home.  We felt that would be the best thing for us because A) They are pre-constructed B) They can be built in about 2-3 months and C) We thought it would be cheaper....

When we started looking at them I immediately fell in love with a model named Cape Cod....we would pass it every day going back and forth to work...I would wave to it and say hey, and then one day I just started calling it The Cape and then The Cape turned into Cape Cosby....We have since decided that a modular home wasn't the right path for us, and have gone with the traditional house building method...although the way that our home is being constructed has changed several times since the beginning, the name has always remained the same, and that's how I know it will be the best little home I could ever ask for....because my heart will always be there!!! 

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