Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Broken Bones, Tears, and Casts!!!! Oh My!!!

Well.....Hailey-Bug broke her finger :( It was just a matter of time before she suffered an injury...she is a kiddo...its what happens lol.....She broke her finger at softball practice last night....poor kid....I know it had to hurt....I never broke any fingers, but I have had my fair share of broken bones, bruises, and pains....She went to school after she got her cast today....so I know she will be JUST FINE!!! Her favorite color is red right now, so her cast is red....pretty cool looking if you ask me!!!! Philly said I had to draw a BIG ALABAMA "A" on it :) Her Auburn Fan Mama would love that HA HA!!!! Well, I just thought I would let you all know that she is going to be just fine, and there will be an update in two weeks when she goes back for her follow up!!! Here is a picture of her AWESOME CAST to make you SMILE!!!! 

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