Monday, July 30, 2012

Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

If Face Planting were an olympic sport, I, Heather Wainwright Cosby, would be an Olympic Gold Medalist...and on more than one occasion...I have a gift for face planting, falling, tripping, running into things, and just downright beating myself up....It's I have survived on this planet for almost 27 years is beyond me....

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Yesterday was no different...Philly and I decided that we were going to fry catfish, french fries and hush puppies.  Well we were going to do it outside to avoid heating up the house, and causing everything to smell fried...but of course we couldn't do it outside because the propane tank was we decided to cook inside....BOY WAS IT HOT!!!!

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Yes it really felt this hot in my kitchen yesterday afternoon....since it was this hot after frying all of that yummy goodness we plugged in a fan to help circulate the air....we of course plugged it into a socket that was up high behind the of course the cord was stretched across the kitchen...(Can you see where this is going???) I was washing dishes around this time....and I needed to put something up.  On the other side.  Of the fan cord.  Up high.  I decide that I won't need to step all the way over the cord, that would be too dangerous...So I straddle the cord, put up the dish, and turn to step back over the cord....NOPE...didn't happen....According to Phil it sounded like an elephant fell....According to me it felt like an elephant fell on me....BUT foot caught on the cord and I face planted in my kitchen floor....oh the face planting....when will it ever end??? 

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Although sometimes the face planting is embarrassing, and most of the time I start bleeding from an injury that is caused by this aforementioned face plant, I usually do it with style and class...For example, the last time I face planted attempting to walk down cement stairs in front of my work I ended up with a huge strawberry on my knee, ankle and elbow...but I jumped right up after I fell because I didn't want anyone to know I had just busted.....I am assuming that face plant looked like someone had sniper attacked a zebra (my skirt that day was zebra print).

Yesterday's face plant was less embarrassing, although I still had an injury...actually it was a softball injury that was just busted open when my knee hit the floor...this time I didn't jump up quickly though because I knew there was no way I could hide this one....the noise was too loud, and I had two witnesses.....Just remember...if you are a victim of reoccurring face plants (like myself), do it with style and class...because you never might make it to the Olympics one day...

Happy Monday Y'all!!! 

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