Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cape Cosby Update

CAPE COSBY IS FLYING TOGETHER!!!!  I wish these words were true....but every day I feel like it takes just a little bit longer for anything to get accomplished!!! My fellow readers you also don't need to forget that I am the most anxious and impatient person in all the land....Don't laugh!!! It's true...OH SO TRUE!!!! It actually looks like a house now, and I guess that is why I am so can fly across the ocean to another country in 9 hours, but they can't brick, sheet rock, insulate, tile, and carpet my house in less than 4 weeks???? Puh-lease!!!! Get it together peeps...I NEED MY HOUSE!!!!!! 

Ok now that I have finished pitching that little are a few pics of the progress of our dream home Cape Cosby....from start to present....I cannot wait until it is actually our all will have to come see it and PARTAYYYYY the night away with us as we celebrate it's completion...stay tuned for details ;)  Looking at these pictures actually has helped me calm down...because HEY WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY!!!! 

As always I love you all!!! Thanks for stopping by.....Ohhhhh Bette Davis Eyes is on Pandora.....gonna be a good day!!!! Until next time!!!! 

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