Friday, July 20, 2012

No matter what...

I had a friend tell me once that the only thing he wanted in a mate was someone that stood behind them no matter what...I know you say well that's what anyone wants in a mate...well actually I asked him to go into more detail when he told me this, because I didn't entirely understand exactly what he meant.  He said that what he meant was that he wanted a woman that would stand behind him no matter what he was saying, and it didn't matter to whom he was saying it to.  He said he wanted her to back him up even if she knew he was wrong, because in a marriage and a partnership you will need that strength and commitment to get you through the tough things in life.  I kind of just brushed it off, because in the back of my mind all I could think about was, I don't want to back anyone up if they are wrong.  I have always been right about everything, I am not going to be on the wrong side of things (INSERT SARCASTIC LAUGH HERE.)

Last night an event occurred that allowed me to totally understand what he meant by what he was saying.  Philly and I had two softball games last night.  The first game was against a team who has a guy pitcher that has a personal vendetta against Way Off Base (Our Team) for one reason or another.  Let me set the mood for you so you can fully understand what happened.  I had walked and was on first base, and Philly was batting behind me.  He hit the ball to left field, kinda deep, but not too deep (which is why I was in this predicament in the first place.) I ran to second and thought I had enough time to get to third (mistake.) The ball beat me to the bag, but I decided to slide, and try to get under the tag.  From where I was I thought I was safe, everyone on my team thought I was safe, and all of our fans in the stands thought I was safe.  Well for whatever reason neither one of the umps were looking at the play.  For what seemed like 30 minutes they are staring back and forth at each other trying to decide if I was out or safe.  Since neither one of them actually saw the play, the ump behind the plate eventually decided I was out.

This is where the fun begins...I have never been one to keep my mouth shut if I disagree with something...I blame it on being a WAINWRIGHT, Philly says it's because I am CRAZY...either way I don't hush when I need to hush lol...(To set the record straight, I wasn't mad that they called me out, I was mad that they called me out when they didn't know if I was out or not...)  Since I was angry, I made a smart butt comment coming across the field that went something like this..."It's a shame that I get called out by two umpires that didn't even see the play."  Remember the vendetta holding pitcher I talked about earlier???? He decides he needs to get involved (BIG MISTAKE.)  After I made my comment about the umps not seeing the play he says "Yeah they did, they called you out."  (If I were a cartoon character, my head would have turned bright red, and smoke would have come out of my ears right here.)  Kinda like this....

(Image from

Since I immediately got angry, I spun around and told him "I wasn't talking to you, so why don't you stay out of it, and keep your mouth shut?"  He retaliated with something about accepting the play and me keeping my mouth shut.  I forgot to mention that my husband is standing on second base right behind the pitcher who is in a shouting match with his wife....the next thing I know I am back in the dug out and right as I turn around, I hear everyone yelling at Philly to get back on second base...Philly and the pitcher are about 5 feet from each other....there was about to be a throw down....or as Trish on our team said "Philly is about to go redneck trailer park on that guy!"  Ha!!!

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When Philly got back into the dugout (no calmer than before) I asked him why he got involved in the conversation with me and the pitcher, because I had it handled and he just looked at me said, "It doesn't matter if you had it handled, you are my wife and nobody is going to talk to you that way."  Plain and simple. That's all that was on his mind, I am his wife, it didn't matter if my original comment provoked the altercation, and he didn't even care if what I said was right or wrong.  I am his wife and nobody is going to talk to me that way.  He also said, "No Trish, if I was gonna go redneck trailer park out there, he wouldn't have been able to finish playing the game."  Only my husband.  I guess my reason for this post is to say, I have found my someone who stands behind me no matter matter if I am right or wrong.  :) 

Have a good weekend y'all!!! 

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