Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Just Because Update on the Cosby's

Well if you are my friend on Facebook you have seen the AMAZING progress they are making on Cape Cosby...I get chill bumps just thinking about it!!!  I cannot wait until I can move in to our new wonderful house and enjoy all of the hard work that has gone into making our house a home....and of course there will be GATHERINGS upon GATHERINGS for anyone and everyone who wants to relish in the fact that our dream home became a reality!!! 

Now onto bigger and better and slightly hilarious things....this morning I was put in charge of taking the group photo at my work (vonGAL Corporation.)  The ONLY reason I was put in charge of this is because I know how to use the camera at work and it is almost identical to the one I have at home....I set the camera up on a small tripod on the back of a truck to get ready for the group photograph....I then set up the timer....I then waited on everyone to place themselves accordingly out in front of vonGAL....and then GET READY HERE COMES.....

For anyone that knows how delightfully clumsy I am...they put me in charge of a picture that had to be taken from the back of a truck.....KNOWING I WOULD HAVE TO JUMP OUT OF THE BED AND RUN OVER TO THE GROUP......well.......remember when I face-planted just walking down the stairs at work???? They now want me to jump.  out of a truck.  and run.  without FALLING.  GEEZ!!!!!!!!  Well thankfully I did not faceplant....but that doesn't mean that I didn't ALMOST face-plant....there were lots of oooh's and aahhh's and laughter when I jumped and ran....and then sighs of relief as I slid into my spot just in time for the click of the shutter...I am almost 100 % positive my face looked like THIS!!!! 

(Image from http://www.mojodojo.co.za

With that being said....I have to say that I am very pleased with how well the photo turned out...considering I was careening towards my death just moments before...

Now....I have been discussing some issues with my friends about personal problems....personal opinions...personal quizzical wonderings....and just personal curiosity....with that being said I happened across a very insightful Facebook status update today....(I know Facebook isn't very insightful, but give this one a chance....)

Top 5 things I have learned in the past two years: #1. You never know how much someone is making an impact on your life, until that impact is gone. #2. You cannot undo what has already been done. Apologize or accept an apology if you need to, learn from whatever mistake was made, and LEARN TO LET GO OF IT. There is no use holding onto things that just keep negatively affecting you. It's taken a little longer than 2 years to learn that lesson, but just like I learned I couldn't control my sobriety, I can't control anyone else's actions or feelings. I've prayed for them and forgiven them. What happens next is in their hands and god's hands. #3. Look around you. See all that stuff? Lesson: It's just stuff. It's the people, the places, the memories that you take with you through life that matter. And all that stuff? It's just comforting and pretty. #4. Cherish what you have in your life RIGHT NOW. It may not be there tomorrow and that's a harsh reality to face. #5. I've grown up thinking that your family and your friends will always be there no matter what. Unfortunately, that's not true. People change. People hurt eachother. People draw their own conclusions. Second chances are not always going to be an option. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to that. That opinion doesn't have to mean anything to you personally, though. Do what makes YOU happy with the people that YOU love and the people that love YOU. Life's too short to waste time on anyone who can't accept you for the person you are, even if you have 20 pieces of baggage coming with you. God gave you that baggage for a reason. Use it. :) Luv you, Daddy! P.S. A little dirt has never hurt anyone, right? 

I enjoyed reading this status...I also knew immediately why I saw this post because some of the items in this post are some of the issues I have been fighting with lately....God always knows what we NEED to see...and just when we NEED to see it....

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!! 

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