Friday, July 6, 2012

The Yes and No's of Cape Cosby!!!

I figure most all of you know about Pinterest and if you don't you definitely should check it out here Pinterest!!!  I have been blowing Pinterest up ever since I got on it...most of it because I am planning a classroom with millions of ideas that will never, ever see the light of day, because if they do my classroom will look like a box of crayolas exploded and my kids would definitely suffer from ADD, ADHD, and SENSORY OVERLOAD from all of the stuff that would be on my walls!!! 

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With that being said, I have now expanded my board count on Pinterest to 19 boards, composed of 2610 pins....I hear you muttering under your breath....I DO NOT NEED TO GET A LIFE...J/K....I honestly need to start creating some of these Pinterest finds....or my Pinterest experience will be a figment of my imagination and filled only with mere PINNING and not one single creation....I have also been blowing Philly's Inbox up with Pinterest ideas after ideas for Cape Cosby...POOR GUY!!!! He likes some of it, maybes a little of it, and hates most of is fun though seeing his responses!!! Some of the stuff I think he will honestly like and be open minded about, but he throws me a total curve ball and shuts the idea down immediately!!!  I have included picture after picture on this post of the ideas I love, the ideas he hates, and the ideas we can merely fantasize about!!!  Enjoy the images below!!!  

Heather's Have To's!!! (And Phil Said Yes:  So they might actually happen :))
(All Images Downloaded from Pinterest and are not mine)

Cape Cosby Maybe's (Philly is still pondering over these or we just don't know where to put them)

Cape Cosby will never see these ideas....ever (Because Philly said so :) LOL)

And these are the ideas we will dream about while we sleep under Cape Cosby's Roof :) 

(Again I repeat none of these images belong to me and they were all downloaded from Pinterest)

What are your thoughts about our Home Decor Ideas???? Happy Friday Friends!!! 

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  1. Pinterest can be a dangerous place! I love all of the to-dos and maybe you can convince Phil to say "yes" to some of the “maybe’s”! :)