Monday, October 29, 2012

Biloxi Trip 2012

This past weekend, Phil and I went to Biloxi.  We had tickets to the Gary Allan concert, which was amazing by the way.  We had an awesome time, and really enjoyed our mini vacay away from all of the stress of our daily lives.  I uploaded several pictures of our trip.  Hope you enjoy!!!

 Dinner the first night at Farradays

 Before the Gary Allan concert :) 

Opening of the Gary Allan concert 

 Smoke Rings in the Dark

Life Ain't Always Beautiful 

The Guitar pick I fished out of the sound booth :)

Super pumped about our show souvenir 

Consequently I have a huge bruise from the dive into the sound booth - well worth it though :) 

As you can see, we had an awesome time!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!! See ya next time, and hopefully I will be super excited because we will FINALLY be in the Cape!!!

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