Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Debacle Relived...Well Sorta :)

Christmas is on the way, and for those of you who were readers last year, you know I love Christmas!!! I especially love Christmas this year because I am able to decorate the Cape!!! I have to say my tree this year is my all time favorite, but you can be your own judge of it! 

Of  course I am biased, but take a peek at our Christmas Card picture....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

OK, now who remembers the Elf on the Shelf Debacle of last year???? Yeah, the one that had you all rolling in your chairs because you could all imagine me just FREAKING out and Philly sleeping like a baby!!!

Well we had another ALMOST disaster this year...YEP....Santa loves to watch me squirm when it comes to moving that elf...

It was 2 am Monday morning, and I was going to move Hailey's elf.  I sneak past Lucy, our 65 pound boxer who was SOUND ASLEEP on the couch, or so I thought...

I sneak into Hailey's room, and I am trying to figure out where to move Bama to.  I then hear it....it's like a freight train coming my way....no, more like a HUGE HERD OF HIPPOS.....and then I see her....she is full speed ahead...headed straight for....OH NO.....HAILEY'S BED!!!

Have you ever tried to stop 65 pounds of furry, slobbery, fury????? It is NOT as easy as you would think....in mid flight, I tackle Lucy to the floor....Yep....we were in a heap on the floor....thankfully Hailey sleeps like a log....as I am in total relief that I have smashed Lucy onto the floor, she decides to roll over on her back, put all four of her paws into the air and stare at me like WHAT?  What did I do????

These fur babies, step babies, and grown man babies are gonna be the death of me!!! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

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