Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost there...

Well this semester is coming to an end...YES...I have finally made it....I have reached the semester in which I will intern!!! Woo Hoo!!! That means if I make it through my internship, I will graduate with my MASTER'S DEGREE in May!!!!

Yes, I will be a Master of something other than the delirious world in which I live in HA HA HA!!!

Oh, you have no idea how excited I am!!! Excited to find a school I can call home, excited to decorate a classroom of my very own, but most of all I am EXCITED to have little babies that will come see me every day, and tell me about their night, and tell me about their troubles, and tell me ALL ABOUT stuff I hear about every day, but most importantly they will tell me about stuff that will help me learn how to TEACH them, and learn how to MOLD them, and learn how to HELP them. 

I saw this today on Facebook and it fits my mood about teaching perfectly....

(Image retrieved from

Oh how it will feel to see the light bulb go on, and see those precious little ones FIGURE something out...I just can't wait!!!  Have I told you I am excited about it yet????????

Excited Like....

(Image retrieved from

No it's excitement more like....

 (Image Retrieved from

Better yet....IT'S EXCITEMENT LIKE THIS.......
(Image retrieved from

If you are a Facebook friend of mine, beware....the next four months are going to be NOTHING but updates about my Grown Man Baby, my Step-Babies, my Intern Babies, or my Fur Babies....Go ahead and will keep you from hating me in the near future....

Love you all!!!!

As always, THANKS for stopping by!!! 


  1. The last picture made me literally laugh out loud! I am so excited for you!! :)

    1. I loved it!!! I gave him a voice and said it in my head like I thought he would sound!