Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally Friday!!!!

Hey folks!!!! It's been a little while since I wrote about SMITville, but that doesn't make it any less hectic in my town =)  We spent last weekend watching the Sweetheaters WIN....that's right... WIN the Central Alabama  Rumble Tournament in Wetumpka!!!! See!!!! 

I was so proud of our girls!!! That was a long, and HOT day at the ball field, and poor little Hailey-Bug was wore slap out by the end of the day!!! Congratulations to ALL of the Sweetheaters!!!!! They worked hard as a team and did a great job bringing home the TROPHY!!!! 

Now, this weekend we get a break from softball, but that doesn't mean we get a break.  The hubby starts his week long drill for the month of August, and I will be waiting tables at Islamorada this weekend....The hubby has expensive tastes for birthday gifts ;) Also, both boys; Coleman (15) and Tyler (14) are well into football practice....Everyday football practice that is!!!! Tyler is playing for the 8th grade team at the Prattville Junior High, and Coleman is a member of the film crew for the Prattville High School Team.  It's a lot of running back and forth in the afternoons to pick up all the step-babies!!!! But with football practice comes football season, and that is something I am EXTREMELY happy for!!! Happy for two reasons actually....One because it's football season, and I have been going through withdrawals from some Alabama football, and Two because it brings cooler weather.....Maybe???? From the looks of it this Alabama heat is in for the long haul, but hey I need some FALL TEMPERATURES!!!!  Well this is gonna be a short and sweet post, one because I am going to start dreaming about cooler weather, and two because I am at work ;) Catch yall next time!!! I am sure there will be SOMETHING ELSE to talk about in SMITville =) 

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