Monday, September 19, 2011

The Small Things...

Last night Philly, myself, and Tyler were out on the porch just goofing off.  My little pup Lily-Bell had climbed in my lap and was napping while Tyler was playing with the kittens; Crimson and Cosby.  The next thing we knew Coleman was using the handheld bug zapper to kill a hornet that had gotten in the house.  After he zapped and thought he had killed it he slung it out on the porch.

The kittens were immediately engaged in their new "toy."  For about half an hour we watched as the kittens played with this poor hornet that was probably barely holding on to life with everything it had.  Don't tell PETA please ;)

The kittens would paw at this hornet and it would grasp on to their paw; they didn't like that so they would sling it off immediately.  As the hornet lay on the porch you could see his little stinger throbbing every second trying to sting something or come in contact with something.

After about the 15th time of one of the kittens pawing at it, it made contact.  The kitten slung it off and started licking her injured paw.  I am not sure which kitten it stung because they look identical and I cannot tell them apart!

The point of this story is that even though it was nothing big, no huge event, no earth shattering news, I had the best time just leaned against the porch post watching Tyler and the kittens play.  It was one of those memories that will stay tucked away in my heart forever...just because I could feel the love!

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