Thursday, October 13, 2011

Open Mouth...Insert Foot

Do you ever say something and then immediately wish you kept the comment to yourself??? You can lie and say you don't, but I know as humans we all make mistakes and say something that immediately makes us look like a fool.

I have always been one of those people that talks a lot and has never really had a so called filter. It was my downfall in high school and early adult hood. Heck what am I saying??? IT'S A DOWNFALL NOW!!! I have learned to bite my tongue quite regularly now because as an adult you can't actually say what you want to say and not have to deal with repercussions; and believe you me.....I have ALL KINDS of situations where I have to bite my tongue!

The bad part about it all is that if I would just take a few minutes or even seconds to think....and I mean ACTUALLY THINK....about what is about to come out of my mouth and the ripple of effects it is about to have on whomever I am talking to or about, my life would go a lot smoother.

You know the old phrase "Pick your Battles???"

Lately, I have been "TRYING" to pick my battles, and sometimes I do a good job at it. Other times, not so much...

Philly and I had the conversation yesterday about how we each handle situations differently. Philly being the one to quietly sit back and ponder the situation, the side-effects of any actions, and how much the situation would actually change if there were any actions to begin with....(Smart Man)

I on the other hand hit situations full speed ahead, and head on.....

We saw how well that thought process worked out for the Titanic.....

Anyways I guess my point is, I am going to try and start thinking longer about what I say, thinking longer about how it is going to effect whomever I am speaking to or about, and thinking longer about whether or not anything needs to be said at all.....

Please God Help Me......I am a Wainwright :)

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