Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hunt for The Honey Badger

Monday night was a momentous occasion for the hundreds of thousands of Alabama fans across the nation!!! The team that they believe in, the team that stirs up feelings you never thought you would see in your Grandma (Yeah Gdawg I am talking about you), the team that causes the release of pent up frustration from fans all over the country (Good and Bad) 




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Now in saying that, all of the people that tuned in for the shut out of the century knew about the player for LSU called "The Honey Badger."  Yes, this is a key member of LSU's team, an All-American, a Heisman Trophy Finalist, a member of a now defeated team, Tyrann Mathieu.

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Oh that sounds so sweet to the ears of this die hard Alabama fan....the defeated LSU team.....sigh...... 
Anyway back to the story of the hunt for the honey badger....ok this story isn't about the real "Honey Badger," it is more of a funny, feel good story about the wonderful time I had with my family Monday night watching the championship game.

After the game we decided that we were going to battle the crowd at Academy Sports to get
National Championship t-shirts....boy were we wrong!!! 

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The line at Academy went down the length of the building, hit the grass embankment that surrounds the parking lot, made a u-turn and came back.  Philly decided that there was no way, no how, uh uh we were standing in that was like Black Friday times 5!!!!

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So after a somewhat adventurous trip around town at midnight on a school night, the crew and I (That included Philly, Coleman, Tyler, and Jon) made it to the dirt road upon which we live on.

In the bushes Coleman and I notice a pair of eyes glaring at us.  Coleman said something first, and Philly from the front seat says "I don't see anything."  After I inch a little closer in "Karl" (the Kia) the eyes are more noticeable and everyone in the car can see them.  Well, it was too small to be a deer so we were a little confused at what our little furry friend might be.  Philly wouldn't get out and go look at it, neither would Jon.  So I the captain of this crusade decided that I would get out of the car to get a closer look at what might be in the woods staring at us, more than likely deciding whether or not it wanted us for dinner!!!

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After a few minutes of discussing what this animal was....we came up with some very entertaining ideas....i.e. a coon, a rabbit, a hippo (that was mine :)) and then "The Honey Badger."  All of these ideas were funny, made us discuss in a little detail why or why not that was a stupid idea, and then when was I going to get out of the car to find out???!!!?????

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So.....I get out of the car....and the first thing I hear is a door behind me opening, and I know 100% that they are about to leave me in the dark on the road with a rabid creature!!! I spin around and immediately head back to the car.....well NO!!! They weren't leaving me but Jon wanted to have his phone out (equipped with camera) in case whatever happened "NEEDED TO BE UPLOADED TO FACEBOOK" Thanks Jon!!! Here I am on a death mission and you are gonna make sure we catch it on camera :)

I inch towards the tree....the eyes are still gleaming at me....the thoughts running through my head are as follows (the key part to remember here is A.) Philly thinks I am a drama queen and B.) If I am not being a drama queen I am being overdramatic!!!) so like I said the thoughts running through my head are as follows:

1.) What will happen if it tries to kill me?

2.)  Are hippos angry?  Oh yes they are I remember a documentary on how they kill more people than crocodiles!!! Yikes!!! 

3.) I wonder if it's rabid?

4.) Why isn't it running away?

5.) Why didn't one of the guys do this?

And then after all of this I have gotten close enough to see what the monster is....I am staring face to face...eyes to eyes (well almost)....I can't believe it......


IT WAS A........



It was actually just a cat.....yeah I know a boring Tom Cat.....there was no need for video surveillance from Jon....there was no need for fear.....there was no need for well......anything actually....but it sure was a lot of fun, and it made for a great story now didn't it???

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I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed experiencing it!!!

Oh yeah before I forget......ROLL TIDE!!!!! 

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