Monday, June 11, 2012

SO MUCH in so little time!!!!

Hey there!!! It has been awhile since my last post, and BOY has there been so much that has happened in that short period of time! I never noticed how much stuff can get jam packed into the time frame of about 4 weeks or so....add kids to the equation and the events DOUBLE...TRIPLE...HECK....even QUADRUPLE!!!!! It's mind boggling really :) I have no idea what event came first so if some of this stuff double's back I apologize....try to stay aware Ha Ha!!! 

Ok I will start with the fact that the boys are leaving the public school system of Prattville (PHS) and starting at Autauga Academy this next school year. Philly and I are hoping they will have a better academic experience as well as less distractions. I went to Autauga Academy all of my 13 years and I have to say I LOVED IT!!! Hopefully the boys will have the same wonderful experience that I did!!!

Next, I will move on to the fact that FINALLY....YES FINALLY....Cape Cosby is no longer a dirt mound and there is plumbing and foundation!!!! Now if this torrential downpour that is going on outside right now would stop I would be a much happier woman....because frankly I know we need the rain.....but I am going to be selfish and say I WANT MY HOUSE!!! 

Most of you already know that my precious, little Lily Bell went missing the Thursday before Mother's Day....I miss her dearly....and I was absolutely devastated when it happened....but we have recently replaced Lily Bell with sweet, amazing, fiesty Lucy Girl. She is a full-blooded Boxer that is now 11 weeks old as of yesterday :) I will say that she is a lot more difficult to sleep with than little Lily Bell is since she thinks she is a HUMAN and must take up the ENTIRE BED!!! She has already grown so much in the short time we have had her.....LOOK for yourself below :)

Now, did everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend??? I know it was like three weeks ago, but I haven't blogged since then. We had a great weekend....we joked about it being Old Folks Spring Break lol...we spent just about every day on the water except for Sunday when we had a WONDERFUL BBQ with all of our closest FRIENDS and FAMILY!!! Friday, however was the bearer of bad news when I, Heather the klutz decided I was going to try and jump the wake on the wakeboard and definitely crashed and burned.....2.5 hours and 7 stitches later my gash was taken care of....the picture below is somewhat gruesome.....If you have a weak stomach I advise to scroll quickly :)

It is now all better thanks to the wonderful care of the physicians at PriMed and the careful yet crafty handiwork of my hubby removing the stitches this past Monday....All's well that end's well right????

I finished the Spring semester at AUM keeping the 4.0 intact and I am already half way through the Summer semester.  After this semester I will only be 3 classes and one internship left from having my MASTERS DEGREE IN TEACHING!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! 

We leave for the beach on will be our FIRST vacation with the WHOLE COSBY CLAN!!!! I am so pumped and I can't wait!!! We are going to Orange Beach, Alabama....I will be sure to take lots of photos so you can see just how much FUN we are going to have!!! 
(Image from

Don't forget this weekend is Father's Day...get that special Daddy in your life something WONDERFUL!!! 

I hope I have managed to catch you up on all of the wonderful BLESSINGS we are being SHOWERED with...

As always, thanks for stopping by....

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