Friday, July 5, 2013

Four fourths

     Yesterday Philly and I were eating breakfast and I told him that this was the fourth July fourth we had spent doesn't seem like it has been that seems like just yesterday I was getting butterflies when his texting notifications or ringtone went off...

     Now I am sitting on the swim platform on the back of our boat watching my best friend, soul mate,  and life partner work on his four wheeler.  The dogs are running around the yard, the yard that needs cutting because of all of this rain, I need to be inside washing clothes, and cleaning house. 
     To be honest with you...I love that all of that needs to be done, and I love that I can sit here looking a hot mess while my husband works on one of his toys.  At the beginning of all of this I was worried about where we would end up.  I was worried about him having kids.  I was worried about the age difference.  Now all I worry about is when the bills are due and what's for supper.

     As I sit here surveying our yard and our life I know that we ended up exactly where we were supposed to.  With each other.

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