Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Crafting Bug Bit....

This weekend I was home alone since Philly had drill and the kids were with their Mommy's.....so I decided to take this time to become a younger, southern version of Martha Stewart....lol not really, but I did do a lot of DIY crafting this weekend.  I am going to eventually post all of the projects as well as the directions, but I figured since we were closing in on Halloween I would show you my DIY Halloween Decor I made in about 30 minutes or so if you don't count waiting on the paint to dry!!!

Here is a link to the original instructions  CLICK HERE 

I didn't use glitter on my letters, and I bought some glittery spiders to stick on the frames that aren't on there yet.  But here is my "semi"  finished product!!!  I can't wait until the house is finished so I can decorate for a spooky spectacular Halloween!!! I love the holidays and since this year we will get to spend all of them in our new home, it will be that much more wonderful!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

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