Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 years down!!!!!

Today is my 2 year anniversary!!!  2 years of ups and downs, ins and outs, laughs and tears, and so much fun I can barely stand it!!!  I never knew marriage could be so amazing!!!  I am so lucky to be with the most perfect man on the planet for me!!!
Yesterday, the husband and I were on the phone, because as most of you know, he is out of state and has been for far too long, and won't be back for far too long!!!! Sheesh!!!  Anyway, we were on the phone and my husband asked me, "Do you remember when we first started this, and things were so hard, and there was so much drama, and you were so upset all the time?  I looked at you and told you, one day the drama will all be gone, and it will all be easy?  Well baby, we have made it to easy."
I sat on the couch in my pajamas and pondered this statement.  Yes, he did tell me this over 2 years ago, and yes at the time I didn't believe him.  There were so many people that didn't understand us, and there were so many people that pre-judged our relationship, and there were so many people that had something to say about what we were doing wrong. 
I look back on it and laugh.  None of those people that had such a hard time understanding us are even in our lives anymore.  They made a choice.  They chose not to try and understand us, and they chose to go their own way.  The people that are in our lives now are also there by choice.  Our choice to love them, and their choice to love us.  I love that they love us no matter how much older one of us is than the other, and I love that they love us no matter how many kids we have or don't have, and I love that they love us no matter what kind of people we are.  As I sit here typing this on my lunch break at DPES, I am reminded that without these people that love us, our lives would be empty.  Yes we would have each other and our kids, but without our loving, trusting, there through it all friends, well.....our lives just wouldn't be the same.  THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!!  Thank you for loving us just as we are.  The fun loving, over dramatic, sometimes obnoxious, Alabama wearing, puzzle pieces that fit just right, COSBY'S!!! 
 I am also reminded, that without a wonderful, amazing, believing, compassionate, best friend, life partner, beautiful, sensitive, humorous, awesome, athletic, handy, gorgeous, smart, talented, god fearing man that I call my husband, well.....I wouldn't be the same.  My husband as been there for me through everything for the last 3 years, and without him I wouldn't be on my path to becoming something I have always wanted to be, a teacher.  I never would know the love that a step-mother has for her step-children, and I would never know what it feels like to be loved wholly and completely by one person.  THANK YOU HUSBAND for loving me with all of my flaws, all of my crazy, and loving me for who I am.  You make my life better.  I love you!!!!  THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING TWO YEAR MARRIAGE!!!  I can't wait to see what happens next!!!! 

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